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High level of purity and strength. Excellent resistance to acids, solvents and heat.


Excellent impact resistance and UV stability. Resist stress cracking.


Outstanding function of self-cleaning, anti-scratch, UV and weather resistance.



Broader range of glossiness producing brighter colour palette.


The ambience of space is effectively created by variations of colours and light. Being an essential element of architecture, a well-coordinated colour scheme has the ability to transform a room or create different image of a building.

Here at COMBIND™, we do our best to fulfill all our customers’ colour needs, from a wild and daring imagination to the formal corporate landmark building. Hence, we carry a wide selection of colours to cater for any request.

Durability and proven performance are the assurance we give to our customers. 

Not only aiming to delivers the highest level of product quality, we are motivated to provide excellent customer service and support too.

"COMBIND™ aims to complete your architectural requirements and needs"

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